-A-Gun-To-My-Head of the Day

Me Angy

Me Angy

“Female athletes are not wrapped in pristine white robes. Just like men, they are intense and get angry.”

By Jemele Hill



Shes tall

She's tall

The WNBA. Really no words are needed. How this sport has more viewers than Bones on FOX will always baffle me. One thing is certain, Detroit really knows how to party don’t they?!1?!! Talk about a ratings boost.

We got Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn thinking they’re playing the Celtics in the 80’s, tackling women and begging for ratings. Hey guys you weren’t even the number one story on ESPN nor the headline in the front page. Would the WNBA please leave my life now for a better and more happy world?

Hey Bill those girls ain’t the Celtics, stick to what Detroit knows best and just attack the fans. Amateur.

Thank god WNBA video game is out soon. I mean this is why this sport rocks right?