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I’m Hot

Since ESPN, FOX AND FRIENDS, and the rest of the world continues to report report and report on this whole Brett Favre saga even after its over, I will just give you the quick rundown on what happend.

1.  Late March Packers ask Brett to come back, he says nah.

2.  Brett Favre feels itch in his pants, and itches to come back, after Packers draft 8 more QBs.

3.  Packers say ummm I mean really you’re coming back now after we asked you?

4.  Now July, Brett still itching, but finds out Aaaron Rodgers is the starter.

5.  Still ITCHING

6.  Says no to Jets, Bucs, wants to play for a contendah with hot cheddah

7.  Finally reinstated, Pack says you can compete to be a back up, offer him 30243242 million not to play.

8.  Rachel Nichols-hot-talks to Brett

I once met a girl

I once met a girl

9.  10 hour meeting turns into Brett changing his mind and accepting trade to Jets.

10.  Brett asks for Tylenol and instead receives Advil.  Peter King calls them monsters.


Jets beat Dolphins in week 1, 24-3 and Favre throws 2 td’s and Jets fan talk Super Bowl.  In week 2, Jets lose to Patriots 49-7 with Favre throwing 7 INTs and Jets fans asking for Kellen Clemmens cuz Favre is washed up.  Oh I LOVE IT!!!



I would do anything. end Title Town USA. I simply don’t get it. The other night our lead anchor, John Anderson, told us J.D drew was born in Valdosta, Georgia and that is why they call Valdosta title town. Also, we learned they have some high school football team that won some titles.


So they’re Title Town? Couldn’t this just be solved mathematically? Like take a city and see how many titles their pro and college teams have won? Guess not.

Other head scratchers that make me want to take up Yoga:

1. Your most dangerous drunk city in the United States? DENVER, COLORADO!!! Second to Last? Miami, FL. Ahead of Durham, North Carolina and Alaska Fairbanks. Denver has more crazy drunks than Miami? In a word…No

2. Healthiest States: 1. Colorado…ok, makes sense. But with all those drunk people so healthy? Cool, whatever. But number 2? Montana. Yes, ok, because all of 30 people who live there are 200 pounds. Very healthy indeed.

3. Hottest women according to Hot or Not:

Number 1: Washington DC

Number 2 New Orelans

Number 3 San Diego

Unless San Diego had a Charger like playoff peformance come decison day, I will never believe that DC and New Orleans has hotter women than San Diego. I am sorry.

These wacky debates are nothing compared to Title Town USA!!!

DC's Finest!


Shes tall

She's tall

The WNBA. Really no words are needed. How this sport has more viewers than Bones on FOX will always baffle me. One thing is certain, Detroit really knows how to party don’t they?!1?!! Talk about a ratings boost.

We got Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn thinking they’re playing the Celtics in the 80’s, tackling women and begging for ratings. Hey guys you weren’t even the number one story on ESPN nor the headline in the front page. Would the WNBA please leave my life now for a better and more happy world?

Hey Bill those girls ain’t the Celtics, stick to what Detroit knows best and just attack the fans. Amateur.

Thank god WNBA video game is out soon. I mean this is why this sport rocks right?


Her mouth is open.

Her mouth is open.

From the great site AwfulAnnouncing comes the post about the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch critical examination of ESPN”s recent flaps.  As AwfulAnnouncing cited the WSJ:

“It’s one thing for a journalist to see a quip fall flat, but it’s another when people feel abused. To ESPN’s shame, some of its employees have insulted the audience on several occasions with lowbrow or boorish behavior.

(Lists Jacobson, Jemele Hill and Bonnie Bernstein as examples)

John Walsh, executive editor of ESPN, cautioned me to “consider the volume (of content that) our company produces” and said: “I don’t think it’s a cause for a pattern or trend.” ESPN’s staff shouldn’t try so hard to be controversial. The network would have fewer embarrassments.

“We’d rather the scoreboard says none,” Walsh said. “But if the scoreboard says three (examples), we endure.” He called them “three separate instances” and added: “Trying to group them together, I think, would not be a wise thing for you.”

Then call me unwise, Mr. Walsh. I’m not buying your argument.

In the news business, journalists will chalk up something out of the ordinary as an aberration. But when it happens twice, we wonder if it is a pattern. By the third time, it can reasonably be called a trend.

ESPN rejects the idea that there is a pattern of recklessness in its ranks, but I’m not so sure.”

Less funny, but more interesting. -A-Gun-To-My-Head of the Day

After Monday’s ruling, the question is: Will we ever see Floyd Landis race again? He’s not sure, but vows to continue one fight”

By “Bonnie D. Ford”