Walk It Out

Maybe I’ve posted this before, but I don’t think I have.  What’s important is how unbelievable this is.  It’s from the 1960’s but somebody with wayyy too much time on their hands (i.e. updating a blog with only hundreds of readers every day), noticed that their choreographed dance was spot on with Unk’s “Walk It Out”.


Blame It On the Rain

Milly Vanilli…I haven’t thought about them in a long time. In fact it has been weeks. As we know the entire earth and universe are Red Sox fans, hence the name Red Sox Nation.

We all know Red Sox Nation is a marketing creation probably created by George W. Bush, but this gem really made us chuckle. Jonathan Papelbon truly does remind us why white people don’t dance.

Manny Delcarmen illustrates to us what good dancing can look like. Wally the Green Monster reminds us what nightmares feel like. He kinda resembles Jack the Ripper from Last Action hero…yeah I went there…

The Good Old Days

An interview with the late Chris Farley on David Letterman.  Between the Chippendale’s Dancer, Matt Foley, Fat Guy in a Little Coat, and that Figure Skating Skit on SNL, he was hysterical.

What American Olympians do in Spare Time

Courtesy of BARSTOOLSPORTS.COM found this Gem of America’s Alicia Sacramone punching out some dude. Ya this girl is an Olympian. OUR Olympian. She also punches out guys. God Bless the USA. She is also from Winchester Massachusetts. What happens in WINCHESTAH STAYS IN WINCHESTAH.

Greatest Fight Scene Ever

Watch this.  Twice if you have to.  And tell everyone you know.  It’s the two girls one cup of fight scenes.  Why?  I have no idea, but I wanted to seem quirky/funny by comparing two girls one cup to a fight scene on youtube. 

Why are you reading this and not watching?

Great Scott!

They are finally here. We all saw the movie. We all dreamed the shoes. Kobe Bryant sneak peeked these puppies on independence day. And no boys and girls they do not have power laces. People you actually think that shit is possible?  Seriously come on now, but hover-boards, those are very possible.

The Next Stephen Lynch/Tenacious D/Flight of the Conchords

But better…

Listen for the Doug and Patty Mayonnaise line…