Can It Be Done?!!??!

I need your help people.  Can it be done?  Most girls these days like Abercrombie wearing, hair that you cant stop staring, and popped collars that knock your socks off.  I would think they would want a guy who could eat 5 big macs. 

The time limit? Still TBD.  I told my friend Paul I could nom nom nom them in about 20 minutes, and he said he would pay me 50 bucks.  I have not trained for this, but I think if I have the right state of mind it could be done.  Paul also said he would pay for price of big macs (approx 15 dollars) and 50 more if I could do it.  But as I said I need to know how much time I could get?  Okay Fair Pole readers (that’s 20 of you) please comment on the chances of this happening!!!


5….5 freaking biggggg macs (in the tune of the subway 5 dollar foot longs)

nom nom nom

Special Sauce


4 Responses

  1. sure I think you can do it, its five small burgers with special sauce, we use to make food bets like this all the time, usually the person going for it would make it. Just be sure to eat regularly throughout the day, if you try and starve yourself, you will fill up too quickly.

  2. matt ur lumpy

  3. You have an ice cubes chance in hell of completing this daunting challenge.

  4. 5 minutes per mac. Yes I read your blog instead of going to work.

    Hold the yack until you’ve attacked the macs.

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