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Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: 8/18/2008

What do you mean you people

What do you mean you people

1. Tropic Thunder – $26.0 Million

With all of the controversy about the use of the word “retarded”, I think the bigger issue was Jack Black’s complete inability to be funny.  As an aside, can you imagine how much ass Michael Phelps will get now?

2. The Dark Knight – $16.8 Million

Johnny Depp as the RiddlerPhilip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin?  How about Rosie O’ Donnell as the overweight Robin?

3.  Star Wars: The Clone Wars – $15.5 Million

Shitty idea.  Looked like an awful movie. 

4.  Mirrors – $11.1 Million

This movie looked really scary in the same vein that the new season of Chuck looks really funny. 

5.  Pineapple Express– $10.0 Million

Really disappointing.  I laughed the hardest when the two asian men were sitting in a truck and they sub-titled in “I have to take a shit”.

Also, crazy to think this guy (Craig Robinson of the office) is an allegedmeth addict.


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