Romeo & Juliet, Harry & Sally, and now Brandon & Rasheeda

Brandon Marshall


In a case of he said/she said, Broncos four-year veteran and ex-girlfriend Rasheeda Watley were engaged in a dispute in March 2008. Marshall, the man with a glowing track record of truth telling, initially said during the dispute:

“Initially, Marshall told arriving police the girlfriend’s ‘sisters attacked him with a knife, cutting his hand,’ according to a police report on the March 4 fight at his high-rise Atlanta condominium.”

Later however Marshall said:

“But, according to new documents obtained Thursday, when police asked who had the knife, “Marshall stated there was no knife and he had been cut on glass during the fight,” police wrote. It’s unclear how Marshall’s hand was cut on the glass, because when police returned to talk to him in the condo hallway, he had left.”

Not funny however, was the claim of Rasheeda, Brandon’s ex-girlfriend:

“She said they began arguing and Marshall allegedly ‘began to destroy the apartment, threw her on the bed, grasped her head with his hand, and began to slap her,’ according to the police report. Her sisters, Adilah Watley, 21, and Aliyah, 16, gave similar accounts of the alleged assault.”

But like every true American love story, this had a happy ending. Marshall said:

“‘Basically, what it was is I had just gotten into town and the relationship was basically over,’ said Marshall, who owns the Atlanta condo. ‘I told her it was time to end it now, and she didn’t like that. We’ve been dating off and on since the eighth grade, and she said, ‘I’m going to ruin you.’ The only thing I did was try to get out of the house.”‘

You can read the rest of the sordid tale below. However, I think the lesson we can learn here is with enough conviction, pride, and heart in yourself then the truth will prei’vegonecrosseyed


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