Favre Story Not Over Yet

Jinx! 1 2 3 you owe me a Coke!

1,2,3 you owe me a coke!


At least not in my eyes. 

EA sports is going to unveil down-loadable covers for your new Madden 09 game because of this whole Favre mess.  The madden jinx is no joke and honestly it is kind of scary to see how players underperformed or in worst case, got hurt and missed the whole year. 

Now with number 4 on the Packers in the cover, I am feeling the jinx!  I feel it big time.  Packers 0-16 and Favre breaking his leg on his first preseason snap.  Double Jinx baby!  SCARY!!!  Remember when I call this one baby.  It is only a matter of time.


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