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Spud Bros: French Fries for Dinner?

Ha, ha, spud

Ha, ha, spud

I have made an awful decision. Often times decisions are made up on an impulse, but for this one, I actually had a well thought out plan. A new restaurant has come to Boulder, Colorado called “Spud Brothers“.

“Spud Bros”, as the locals call it, is a place that serves just french fries with a variey of toppings. Sounds yummy!!! Me and my brosefs all love fries so we decided to give this place a venture. We all were extremely hungry, so we went for a regular size instead of a small, but we did however not want to spring for the large.

There were three of us that day, I got the buffalo wing assortment (celery stalk, blue cheese crumbles, franks red hot). My two friends got one with chili, cheese, green peppers, and too much other stuff I can’t remember. They would have chopped up a peanut butter jelly sandwich and mixed it up if it was going to make you happy. The first bites were delicious. The next two were suspect. And the following thirty made us realize we don’t want to become morbidly obese anytime soon.

We ate outside so people walking by us stared at us like we just got in an awful accident and we couldn’t look away. Stuffing ourselves, we noticed that not another soul was in the restaurant, and that peoples reactions just got worse and worse. The employees I think questioned our validity as human beings. As more and more people stared at us like we had a twin growing off the side of our face like in South Park, we could only blame ourselves.

This wasn’t like a burger with Krispy Kreme donuts like they do in the south, this was Boulder,Colorado and it seeemed so harmless. We spent 8 bucks for fries, cheese, toppings and 532,432 calories. Who the fuck orders a large? I warn you in the future. Enjoy fries with ketchup and sometimes a topping, and stray away from this evil sanctuary called Spud Bros. Enter at your own risk.

want some fries with dat?

want some fries with dat?

3 Responses

  1. sadly the KK donut/burger combo is not a southern mainstay or I would have one by now because i think they look fucking amazing, I think its only served at a few minor league ballparks or something like that. Certainly not popular enough to have it own resturant in the most upity city on earth

  2. If by uppity you mean well respected with a dash of pretentiousness, then yes, it is uppity

  3. exactley, though i may switch them around to read incredibly pretentious with a hint of respectablity

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