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Kwame Brown: Where 6th Chances Happen

It’s official. I don’t get the NBA. It is over. I didn’t even post about Andries Biriieiden (not going to fix spelling because I don’t consider him great) getting 6 years at 67 million because people like John Hollinger of ESPN.COM considered it a wise investment. He is the same guy who liked Enron and Samuel Dalembert (still getting over 10 million a year).

This deal for Kwame allows him a PERSONAL player option for 2010 valued at 8 million bucks. This guy has averaged 7.5 ppg and 5.7 rebs in 7 years. Why is he getting 8 million bucks?

We whine and complain that Manny Ramirez gets 20 million, Alex Rodriguez 25 million, but these guys are actually good. Without the CBA in the NBA intact, Kobe Bryant could actually demand 10 years 300 million, the state of Rhode Island (no one would notice), back to the future power lace Nikes, an apartment on the moon and a lifetime supply of Fraken-Berry cereal that discontinuted in 1995. Hell, thats underpaid even for him.

Hey Jordan liked Kwame, so therefore he must be good!

I scare myself at night too

I scare myself at night too

6 Responses

  1. I like Kwame Brown. I hope he’s the next Ben Wallace.

  2. Liking him is like enjoying Ishtar, the CBS Early Morning Show, or Jay Leno

  3. Great deal by Dumars. Means no more Ratliff.

  4. I like Jay Leno. He’s funnier than David Letterman. But Conan O’Brien is the best.

  5. Replacing Brown with Ratliff is like replacing shit with piss

  6. Piss is better and easiler to clean than shit. So its a win-win.

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