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If This Happened, Bristol Would Explode

From the hysterical www.tiricosuave.com, a pointed, hysterical post about a way to solve the two most annoying, overhyped stories currently going in in sports.  Brett Favre’s impending return and Manny Ramirez’s impending departure (via Peter Gammons).

What better way to cause Chris Mortenson, Peter King, Jayson Stark, Peter Gammons, and co. to blow their lid?  Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:

I want to play for a winner

I want to play for a winner

“Manny wouldn’t know the difference. Ship him to Green Bay, have ‘new’ manager Mike McCarthy hold a morning meeting explaining to Manny that the rules and strategy of baseball have been completely modified. He’ll be excited as if he were in gym class and it was a new school week and was time to move on and play a different sport. And playing in Wisconsin, he’s certainly guaranteed to lead the league in snow angel production, definitely this kind maybe even of this sort.”


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