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Actual Peter King Quote or Impersonation

BF 4Ever
Hey boys!

Here’s another one:

My friend, an amazing Peter King impressionist, submitted one of these to me over email. Which is real, which is fake?

1. You call that bedroom-sized room in your hotel a Health Club, Hyatt Phoenix? Right. That might be considered a health club in a Days Inn. But a hotel your size does not deserve a postage stamp of a health club.

2. Several of you readers out there asked for my thoughts regarding the recent hit-and-run in Hartford. Quite simply, shocked. Appalled. Embarassed. Have we reached the point as a people where we care so much about the rat race that is the modern American work week that we can’t even pull over for 30 seconds when we see a 78 year-old man lying motionless on the side of the road? Absolutely despicable.

Wheres the Keystone Light

Where's the Keystone Light

1. Real

2. Fake


One Response

  1. That’s a photo of my bro Adam. I sincerely doubt he’d like you using that picture for your website.

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