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The Goose is Loose

Throw some Ds on that bitch

Throw some D's on that bitch

Finally, Goose Gossage is in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and his induction is Sunday, July 27, 2008.  I think I can speak for everyone on this matter when I start to question the point of the Hall of Fame.  Bill Simmons wrote on article on it once, but it seems like if somebody has to wait years and years to get into the Hall of Fame, then when their is a weak class he finally makes it, he either:

– Doesn’t deserve to be there

– The entire system is flawed

Regardless, that didn’t stop Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com from writing one of the most nonsensical openings to an article to discuss Goose’s impending induction.

“Shortly before Danny Ainge found his niche as Larry Bird and Kevin McHale’s running mate in Boston, he pursued a rare two-sport double and took a whirl at a Major League Baseball career. But his allergy to fastballs was too much to overcome, and he put away his spikes and glove after hitting .220 in 665 at-bats for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Ainge’s meager statistical line included two harmless groundouts against Rich “Goose” Gossage, the latest Baseball Hall of Fame inductee. There has to be a neat little anecdote tucked in there somewhere, right?

Sorry. Where Goose is concerned, Ainge blotted out the gory details a long time ago.

“The only thing I remember about Gossage,” Ainge said last week, “was that I couldn’t hit him.”’

Regardless, this “event” for me is up there with other completely useless events I’m supposed to care about.  Others that come to mind are:

-Indianapolis 500

– Pro Bowl

– The Emmy’s

– Any level of gathering that involves women playing basketball

Is that salmon or halibut I taste?

Is that salmon or halibut I taste?



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