USA vs Canada: Its Go Time!!!

Put on a Jimi Thing

Put on a Jimi Thing

After the MLB All-Star Game there isn’t much to follow on sports besides your beloved Baseball Team. And if your team isn’t the Red Sox, Yankees, (Devil) Rays, Angles, the city of Chicago, Minneota, Detroit, Philadelphia, NY Mets, the 20 Marlin Fans, or the entire NL West (Your defending NL champs are 16 below 500 and only 6 out, that team is the Rockies by the way), you are resorted to NFL training camps, some guy named Favre, WNBA fights, and Trey Wingo on College Football Live. THAT IS UNTIL NOW.

Its America vs America’s Hat. This shit is going to be fantastic. We may be upset about losing the last Olympics, but Canada hasn’t won their sport (sticks that hit a black thing into a net) since the 2002 Olympics, and has lost about 10 straight World Championships and YES they care about that stuff there.

I would love to beat Canada say 124-18 with Steve Nash getting all 18 points and all 18 assists (say what?). Coolness. Maybe this will be a preview of why Nash needs to convert or something.

We beat you down like Thachuck beats Lemiux. U-S-A. U-S-A. America. Hot Dogs. Baseball. Blonde Women. Water Parks. Roller Coasters. Ice Cream. Fights. Howard Stern. The WNBA. FUCK YEAH!!!


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