I would do anything. ANYTHING..to end Title Town USA. I simply don’t get it. The other night our lead anchor, John Anderson, told us J.D drew was born in Valdosta, Georgia and that is why they call Valdosta title town. Also, we learned they have some high school football team that won some titles.


So they’re Title Town? Couldn’t this just be solved mathematically? Like take a city and see how many titles their pro and college teams have won? Guess not.

Other head scratchers that make me want to take up Yoga:

1. Your most dangerous drunk city in the United States? DENVER, COLORADO!!! Second to Last? Miami, FL. Ahead of Durham, North Carolina and Alaska Fairbanks. Denver has more crazy drunks than Miami? In a word…No

2. Healthiest States: 1. Colorado…ok, makes sense. But with all those drunk people so healthy? Cool, whatever. But number 2? Montana. Yes, ok, because all of 30 people who live there are 200 pounds. Very healthy indeed.

3. Hottest women according to Hot or Not:

Number 1: Washington DC

Number 2 New Orelans

Number 3 San Diego

Unless San Diego had a Charger like playoff peformance come decison day, I will never believe that DC and New Orleans has hotter women than San Diego. I am sorry.

These wacky debates are nothing compared to Title Town USA!!!

DC's Finest!

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