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Actual Peter King Quote or Impersonation?

BF 4Ever
BF 4Ever

My friend, an amazing Peter King impressionist, submitted one of these to me over email. Which is real, which is fake?

1. Went to Game 2 of the NBA Finals last week, followed by dinner with Kevin Millar at Legal Seafoods. Kevin is going to kill me for relaying this to you, but he mentioned he may return to Boston as a free agent following this season….that sound you just heard was Red Sox Nation collectively screaming with joy. Always loved Millar. A true team-first “glue” guy.

2. All you idiots at Fenway who booed David Ortiz (it was scattered, certainly nothing near a majority) the other night should have your human-being licenses revoked. Ortiz is 3-for-43 in one-fourteenth of the season. For everything he’s done the past four years, he’s a guy you shouldn’t boo, even if he finishes the year 3-for-543.

And twins!

And twins!

1. Fake

2. Real


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