Freddy Adu Loaned to AS Monaco

Courtesy of and, Freddy Adu, the former wunderkind turned average soccer player, is being shipped on loan to French club AS Monaco on a season-long move.

While a he’s had a what could be described as an average to below average soccer career, I still don’t think he’s the most disappointing career of any phenom. Lists like this have been done before, and included names like Todd Van Poppel, Todd Marinovich, and Ryan Leaf.  However, some more interesting names come to mind.

1. Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire) – It’s not that a lot was expected of him after Jerry Maguire, its just when your credits over the last five years include Touched by an Angel and Stuart Little 2, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Did you know the human head Im sorry I cant focus look at whats going on here

Did you know the human head I'm sorry I can't focus look at what's going on here

2. Star Wars Guy – This guy came out swinging literally and figuratively.  I can’t make fun of somebody who follows their dreams.  Which is what makes it so easy to make fun of this guy.

3. Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) – This middle child turned Scarlett Johannson look alike turned meth addict gave us so much hope.  I guess pictures like this below are what scarred me as well.



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