Less Popular than MLS its the MLL

Knees and toes

Knees and toes

Instant fun fact to tell your friends: The only day there is not one of the four major sporting events (NBA, MLB, NFL, REAL WORLD ROAD RULES CHALLENGE) and the former fourth major sport (NHL), is the day after and before the MLB all star game. So what is a sports fan to do?

Yes Fresh Prince Marathon on Nick and Nite is very tempting how about getting your fix with the MLL all star game? Whats MLL? Major League Lacrosse of course!!! The weird thing is, I live in Denver and the first commercial I heard about it was this afternoon. Way to boost those ratings Mile High City. Another fun fact, I called some NLL games, the other lacrosse league…yes there are two of them somehow…and players are actually healthy scratches because they couldn’t afford a plane ticket to there respective cities…ahhhh MLL…I LIVE FOR THIS!!!

Sick plays:


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  1. Everybody knows the MLL only exists so people from Greely have something to look froward to.

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