Why I Want to Kick Jason Sobel in the Nuts


Robert Karlsson: Jason Sobel's thinks he's the hottest. Player in the world (Image via http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/)

The big day is finally upon us – the first round of the British Open is today, live on ESPN beginning at 7:00 am. Jason Sobel, ESPN.com’s resident golf expert, just posted his British Open power rankings. His top four reads as follows:

1. Jim Furyk – Tiger isn’t playing and Phil is the trendy pick, so Sobel goes with someone who has a 0% chance of winning. Good stuff.

2. Sergio Garcia – Kinda reminds me of the drunk playboy from Eastern Promises.

3. Robert Karlsson – The “hottest player in the world,” according to Sobel. I’ve never heard of him.

4. Lee Westwood – Imagine me ranking Mike Bibby as the 4th best player in the NBA…exactly.

So, where does Sobel rank Mickelson? #15, behind such household names as Graeme McDowell, Graeme Storm, Nick Dougherty and Andres Romero.  Ranking those guys ahead of Lefty would be like Rolling Stone choosing Smells Like Teen Spirit over Stairway to Heaven in their 500 greatest songs of all time or Jayson Stark ranking Ian Kinsler over Josh Hamilton for MVP…woops, he already did that.

Kill me.  





4 Responses

  1. I think you should kick Jason Sobel in the nuts. I really, really do. Since ESPN is headquartered in CT, I bet all you’d have to do is drive there and check the phone book or ask around. Then when you find him, you should give him a really big kick in his nuts. How dare he make that ranking! Kick him hard in the nuts and when he falls down coughing, laugh at him. That is what I’d do. All people who disagree with you should be kicked in the nuts.

  2. phil has a horrible record at the British…you’re an idiot.

  3. This is hilarious, Mickelson finished T19, tied with Graeme McDowell, who you insulted. I feel bad for you since you clearly have a tiny, tiny penis.

  4. What does tiger need to apologize for u people have taken everthing from him anyway what else do you want i would tell you to kiss my ass golf needs tiger,tiger doesnt need golf he’s a billionaire you rasist bastards !

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