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Canadian PSA: Trust Me, Watch This

From the Michigan Daily – The Filter is arguably the most unintentionally hilarious (thanks for the line Bill Simmons) PSA’s I’ve ever seen. From their site:

While finishing some work in my Metro-Detroit home with the second game of CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada” doubleheader on the background, I came across what may be the greatest public service ad ever. I didn’t quite catch the ad during its initial run-through, but I knew something was up, and through the magic of TiVo I went back and saw this:

A few things of note:

1. Check out her face during the post-burn close-up… Yeah.
2. I was convinced this was some kind of parody after hearing the guy yell “there’s been an accident!”
3. You have to hand it to Canada. While our PSA’s are concerned with fighting trivial problems like drug use and teen pregnancy, Canada is targeting society’s real deviants: people who allow workplace accidents to happen.”

Just shocking. Shockingly hilarious.



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