The British Open is This Week and I Could Not Possibly Care Less

That’s right, I don’t give a shit about the British Open. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I had so little interest in a major sporting event (with the possible exceptions of the ’05 Spurs/Pistons NBA Finals and every World Series from ’96-’03). The reason for this, of course, is because Tiger Woods is not playing. There should be an asterisk placed by the winner’s name on the Claret Jug because, quite frankly, a major which does not include Tiger does not mean anything at all. Some apt comparisons:

– The Rockets won back-to-back championships during the two seasons MJ played baseball.

– Barack Obama won a Democratic primary which did not include Al Gore.

– Barry Bonds holds the single season home run record (Ken Griffey would have hit 80 in a season if he had taken ‘roids).

– Every winner in every Special Olympics event.


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