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Chris Cooley: Candidate for Best Life Ever

Is this thing on?

There are a lot of pro athletes with super-duper awesome lives, but Chris Cooley is quietly sneaking under the radar. Not only is he an NFL player (awesome), but he has a super sexy wife. This girl is so hot, there is no question he has made a dealwith Satan himself. He barely runs a 4.5 40-yard dash, yet still led the Redskins in all receiving categories (66 receptions, 8 TD).

But the most important thing. This lumpy, out of shape mammal claims he eats fast food everyday. My favorite quote from the article (written by Mr. Cooley himself):

“Walking through the front doors at Redskin Park one of the first players I met was Clinton Portis. He carefully set down his Roy Rogers bag of breakfast and shook my hand. Right then I knew I would be just fine.”

So we have average looking guy..check…NFL player..check…smoking hot wife…check…can eat whatever he wants..check…not popular enough so he never has to worry about TMZ…yet…check…CHECK MATE


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