Beware the Long Term Commitment

UCLA signed Men’s Basketball Coach Ben Howland, the former PIttsburgh coach who has led UCLA to three straight final fours, to a seven-year contract extension. From the Associated Press:

“The deal adds one year onto the agreement he signed last October, runs through the 2014-15 season and includes a guaranteed $1.97 million for next season, rising to $2.3 million in the final year of the contract. The incentive package from his previous agreement, a maximum of $235,000, is retained in the new contract.”

Howland’s done a solid job at UCLA with a 126-45 record and first round picks like Aaron Afflalo, Kevin Love, and Russell Westbrook. While its good to hold onto top talent, seven years is a long time. Just think of how things were seven years ago…

– Napster and “You’ve Got Mail” were the buzzwords of the internet.

– New York was just a city. Now it’s a city and a cesspool personified on dating shows on VH1.

– A/S/L was my pickup line.

– Words like Dunkaroos, Mondo, and Go-Gurt all seemed only a few years old…



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