Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister!

Well for all you tennis fans out there, we have a real doozie of a match. Its Serena. Its Venus. Its the Wimbledon Final from the All England Tennis Club, right here on ESPN 8, the Ocho.

What time is the match even on? Who knows. Honestly, I may even set my alarm to watch this one. Just kidding. Here is what is going to happen: I am going to get ridiculously lit the night before, set my alarm, hear it go off and slam snooze. I’ll eventually roll out of bed around noon, put on my Capri sweat pants, log onto and inadvertently see the winner.

I hope I am wrong. I hope I have the determination to watch these two sisters go at it. This is like Tia vs Tamera, Mary Kate vs Ashley, Jessica vs Ashlee, Paris vs Nicky, and of course, Britney vs Lil’ Zoey.


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