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Mommy, What is Hell like?

What would a round table discussion between Pat Forde, Jason Sobel, Gene Wojciechowski and “Scoop” Jackson be like? I imagine it would begin something like this:

Pat Forde: I would like to discuss how Big Brown’s owner is coping with his horse’s disappointing performance in the Belmont Stakes.

Jason Sobel: NO! Lets discuss whether or not Tiger Woods at 50% health is still better than every other player on tour. What about at 25%?

Gene Wojciechowski: All due respect, guys, but I prefer to look to the future. Lets discuss the shrewd moves Larry Bird made on draft night, and how the Pacers are positioned to make a big splash in the coveted free agent class of 2010.

“Scoop” Jackson: I prefer to discuss other things. Bigger things. Higher things. Like, for example, how the act of labeling certain players as having “character issues” or being “head cases” is really a form of veiled racism.

Feel free to respond and continue the dialogue.

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