Thanks for the Heartfelt Apology…

– From contributing writer Boston Transplant


Per tradition I attended this year’s Bonnaroo and had an extremely good time. Topless women, drinking in excess, illicit drug use…and that’s just the drive there. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it, but that is not what this is about.

I know this post comes a bit late, but I would like to address the Kanye West incident that took place late Saturday / early Sunday morning at this year’s festival. If you are not familiar with what happened the humble hip-hop artist came on stage just over 2 hours late (around 4:30 AM).

I would like to preface this by saying that on Saturday the big rumor was Daft Punk and Kanye were going to play together… pretty sure it was spread by Kanye himself to get some honky’s to come to his show.


It’s 4:30 AM and I am stumbling back to my vomit/urine soaked tent fueled on unmentionable substances and ready to pass-out for 4 days. As I start the 15 minute walk I start to hear chatter that Kanye West never showed up…surprise surprise. All I want to say to these naïve whiteys is, “so you guys expected a rap concert to start on time, this must be your first show…”

I held back because this would’ve angered these tribal tattooed morons and the only back-up was my soon to be passed out ex-girlfriend. I listened in to their conversation to really understand their disappointment. At first I found this whole thing to be quite hilarious, I mean what did they expect? The hilarity soon turned into empathy as these kid’s weekends were truly ruined.

After wasting thousands of people $$$ and dashing tons of loser’s dreams this is the excuse he came up with.

…all bullshit. I don’t hate the guys music I just hate the guy.

Kanye and Model

P.S. – Two of the biggest egos in the world are currently enjoying each others bodies —-,-but-Madonna’s-rep-swats-down-report




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