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Brett Favre Loves Football!

Oh.  My.  God.  #4 might not be done just yet.  Turns out Favre might love football even more than we thought.  Its not about the money with Favre (even though he is owed $24+ million over the next two seasons) or boredom (even though he is 38 years old and has no job).  

No, its about loving a game he has played his whole life.  Its about having fun.  Its about top D-linemen refusing to hit him hard, and then all of us gushing about how tough he is.  Its about him throwing 4+ interceptions in a big playoff game, and the sports media refusing to place blame.  

Current Vegas Odds:

Over/Under on how many times Mark Schlereth uses the phrase “loves the game” or the equivalent in reference to Favre during a 2-minute feature on Sportscenter later today: 7.5

Over/Under on the number of cell phone conversations Peter King will claim to have had with Favre over the last 24 hours: 2.5

Odds Chris Mortenson and Len Pasquerelli fought over which of them would break this story: Even

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