Top NFL Players

From the Detroit Free Press, discussing’s recent ranking of the top 50 NFL players:’s Pete Prisco writes his opinions on the top 50 NFL players. And he had just one Lion in the 50 (but four former Wolverines). The highlights:

1. Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots: Can he do any more than he did last season? The scary thing for the rest of the league is, yes he can.

18. Charles Woodson, CB, Green Bay Packers: Ask Packers insiders who was better last season, Woodson or Pro Bowl player Al Harris. The answer is Woodson. After Bailey, I’d take him over all other corners.”

Ranking Charles Woodson 18th is like putting “Tell Me You Love Me” as your favorite HBO show.

Some of the more shocking/interesting names for me in the top 50 were:

12. Jared Allen, DE, Minnesota Vikings: Managed to lead the league in sacks with nobody having ever heard of him.

27. Jason Peters, T, Buffalo Bills: Who?

29. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, Oakland Raiders: Nnamdi Aso, Aso, Aso… not going to work here anymore.

Not going to work here anymore

44. Kellen Winslow, TE, Cleveland Browns: The highest rated soldier on our list.


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