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Imagine for a moment the Baldwin family Thanksgiving.

Alec. Successful. Handsome. Captivating. Liberal Icon. Offspring eating lunatic.

Stephen. Pious. Energetic. Daring. Friend to Joe Rogan. Conservative Crusader. Stoner.

Daniel. Brooding. Inspiring. Complex. Respected Method Actor. Vampire Hunter.


The four brothers saunter into the well appointed dining room in their childhood Long Island home; Stephen, with his wife and children; Daniel, with a woman he met outside the liquor store; and Alec, with his PR specialist. A cosmic vacuum of attention forms on a quiet Massapequa street. Mom asks who’s going to carve the turkey. Alec says he’s hosted SNL 11 times. Stephen says he found Christ in a pizza covered in maggots and coagulated pig’s blood. Daniel motions for the Celebrity Fit Club 5 crew to leave the room. One-upmanship destroys another carefully orchestrated Baldwin family gathering…

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