Why is Desagna Diop Smiling?

OK, maybe Desagna isn’t smiling in that picture, but he will be a very happy man soon. Why? Because he is 7 ft tall and only 26 years old. As an unrestricted free agent, Dasagna can sign with any team he desires (i.e. the one team in the league which incomprehensively offers him 50% more than any other is willing to pay).

Taking into account Desagna’s stellar statistics (career averages of 2.1 pts and 3.9 reb per game) and the fact that he speaks zero English (which will be helpful in uniting a team of me-first athletes), he is sure to be a welcome addition to any decent-but-not-good-enough-to-ever-win-a-title NBA franchise.

Early reports are that the Mavs will pursue Desagna in the coming days. The prospect of having to match up with Desagna in the rough and tumble Western Conference must terrify Duncan and Bynum…

The prediction: 5 yrs/60 mil

What a joke.


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